True-Trace products are no longer manufactured.  Production ended in 1999 and no new valves or systems have been manufactured since then.  Rosebrook Tracers Inc has been a competitor since the 1960's.  We have knowledge of most True-Trace systems and can offer information, repairs and replacements.

Over the years tracers have been manufactured by several manufacturers. These have included True-Trace, Rosebrook, MIMIK, Cadillac, Gettys, Hepworth, Duplomatic and others. Rosebrook continues to manufacture hydraulic tracers for industrial use. We manufacture both Rosebrook and MIMIK currently. If you are looking for True-Trace many times a Rosebrook model will directly replace True-Trace using the same mounting dimensions and hydraulic fittings. In most cases it should be a matter of simply removing the True-Trace valve and replacing with a Rosebrook valve.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any hydraulic tracer requirement. We will be glad to work with you to find a suitable valve for your needs.

Hydraulic tracers have been used in one form or another for well over 40 years. A hydraulic tracer enables someone to follow a template and precisely control the movement of hydraulic cylinders or motors. This creates an exact 1:1 duplication from the template to the travel path of the cylinders or motors. This is especially useful when there is a requirement for a large quantity of the same part. It is a simple process which avoids the necessity of computers and programs. This simplicity makes it easy for operators with all skill levels to operate a piece of machinery.